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SoftRig Analytics enables more precise and faster decisions and advice through user insight. Based on Power BI from Microsoft, SoftRig Analytics is a flexible platform with high capacity for integration. New sources are regularly introduced and represent great opportunities for both analysing and visualising useful data. 

  • Capitalise on the potential of the data
  • Create a data-driven culture
  • Empower your team to discover insights from your data
  • Enable your team to make confident decisions using analytics
  • Reach your goals by using insights

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Top features

  • License Microsoft Power BI
  • Data visualised in dashboards 
  • Reports that visualise data using graphs and KPIs
  • Aggregated data - by industry and geographical area/region
  • Accounting analytics - financial structure and profitability
  • Customer insights
  • Business insights
  • Benchmarks - profit analysis - tool for advisors 

Support plan

  • Updated data in dashboard
  • Customisation 
  • Consultancy

For developers

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